Past Project Highlights

Patterson Blvd Canal Improvements

  • Project consisted of 60,000 sf of new sidealk, 4,000 lf of curb, decorative pavers, monument installation, decorative lighting, and landscaping
  • Supervisor: Tony Donofrio

 WRP Projects, OK NRCS Grant

  • Projects consisted of moving about 200,000 cy of dirt and installation of Water Control Structures
  • Projects completed well of ahead of NRCS Schedule
  • Supervisors: Dale Geuy


ODOT 516(11), Pipe Rehabilitation and Liners

  • Project consisted of lining existing CMP with HDPE Pipe of Sizes 108″, 120″ and 132″ along SR 7 near the Ohio River
  • Supervisor: Shane Lipps

 AG-7335-C-11-005, Grant County Bank Stabilization, OK

  • Project consisted of installation of 7,500 tons of rip rap at 7 locations around the county
  • Project completed in 53% of the permitted time
  • Supervisors: Dale Geuy


James H. McGee Extension, City of Dayton, OH

  • Projects consists of concrete work including pavement, curb, and sidewalk, excavation, underground storm utilities, electrical and signal work and MOT
  • Project is Currently on going
  • Supervisor: Tony Donofrio


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